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Please read this CAREFULLY before ordering!

How to get Artisan sourdough and pastries delivered right to your door…..

Orders need to be placed by 12pm the day before. (any orders after 12 pm will be scheduled for the following days production.  Any orders placed after 12pm Friday will be baked on Monday).

***We are using our local courier to contactless deliver your order.  If you live outside of the main Wairarapa towns or are on Rural Delivery your order will be at the mercy of the Rural Post service.  We cannot guarantee how many days it may take for your order to arrive.   We would recommend that you don’t order fresh pastries if you think it may take longer than 2 or 3 days to receive your order.

Please carry on reading!!!

***Be careful when ordering products close to the weekend.  Our last order for the week will go out on Friday, but if you are Rural Delivery or outside main Wairarapa towns your order will probably sit in a depot somewhere and you’ll receive it on Monday or Tuesday.  So if you’re rural or outside of a Wairarapa town, your best bet is to order early in the week.

We recommend that you eat your pastries on the same day that you receive them.

To contact us, please EMAIL us here for more info and we’ll do our best to reply as soon as we can. 😊

Thank you for your ongoing support! #lovelocal 😊